VocaBox is unique in the sense of its idea and functionality – the first learning software guaranteeing results!

Based on the principles of «learning cards», VocaBox as a new kind of Business English learning software offers a very effective method for learning English vocabulary. Through repetition of the expressions, the long-term memory is trained, applying the principle of «life long learning» and thus offering a suitable approach to counteract short term memorizing. You always start off where you stopped the last time and continuously and successfully build up your vocabulary in this way. Get a first impression in the demo !

After the required user registration you have access to our download area. Here you can download the basic software as well as wordbenches (a set of learning cards) especially designed for your needs.

Further a forum is available to share your thoughts and experiences.

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26.07.2006Welcome to VocaBox online!
We are proud to present you our extraordinary vocabulary learning software. Please ...
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